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The Villa Toscano Bistro is the perfect place to grab a quick bite, or enjoy a leisurely lunch in the Shenandoah Valley. Choose from an array of freshly made salads, handmade pizzas, hearty sandwiches, daily specials, and decadent desserts.

Beautiful award-winning Tuscan-style gardens provide the ideal setting to savor a glass of fine Villa Toscano wine and share a meal with family and friends. Come enjoy our hospitality and take in the beauty that Villa Toscano Winery and Bistro has to offer.

Bistro open 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily



Come and visit us!
What's to Eat?



Includes Choice of French Fries, Spicy Apple-Mandarin Slaw, Bag of Chips or Mixed Green Salad
FRENCH DIP SANDWICH                                                        $19.99
Half pound of Prime Rib and Herb Aioli on Ciabatta
BBQ TRI-TIP SANDWICH                                                         $16.99
Caramelized Onions & Dijon Aioli with Cannonball               
BBQ sauce on Ciabatta
PASTRAMI SANDWICH                                                            $16.99
Half Pound with Swiss Cheese & Dijon Aioli                             
on Ciabatta
GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH                                             $16.99
Roasted Peppers, Tomatos, Petite Greens & Provolone
with Pesto & Herb Aioli on House Focaccia
GRILLED VEGETARIAN SANDWICH                                           $16.99
Portabella Mushrooms, Roasted Bell Pepper,
Tomato, Goat Cheese, Petite Greens,
and Herb Aioli on House Focaccia


    Ham, Pineapple, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers
    White Sauce, Bell Peppers, Artichokes,
    Grilled Chicken, Mushrooms, Tomatoes
    Tomatoes, Fresh Mozzarella, Pesto
    Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Bacon,
    Scallions, Olives, Garlic, Pesto
     Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Red Onions,
     Roasted Peppers, Herbs
    Pepperoni, Sausage, Salami, Onions,
     Mushrooms, Olives, Bell Peppers
     Mushrooms, Peppers,
     Zucchini, Tomatoes,
     Artichokes, Onions,
   *Additional toppings $1.00 each*


Shenandoah Gourmet Burger           $16.99
Half Pound Ground Chuck, Applewood Smoked Bacon,
Sharp Cheddar Cheese, Garlic Herb Aioli & BBQ Sauce
ADD Applewood Smoked Bacon....$2.99
Ceasar Salad..... Small $11.99 | Large $14.99

Sourdough Croutons, Shaved Parmesan, House Dressing

Mixed Green Salad..... Small $11.99 | Large $14.99

Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Shredded Carrots, House Dressing

Special Salads (Caprese, Greek, AntiPasta) .... Full $9.99 | Side $4.99



                       Grilled Chicken                           $5.99
                       Marinated Tri-Tip                        $6.99

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